Title: Dust, Topograhies of Memory  
Medium: book, hardback
Size: 25 x 16 cm

‘Dust’ is a recollection of landscape fragments, bonded with the earth. It is a story of rise and fall, permanence and temporality. Dream and reality. A topography drawn from invisible lines; a space textured with ashes. A relief of landscapes lost, imagined and re-remembered.

Artist’s book in an ash wood slipcase, documenting research on Battersea’s local history. Part memoir, part fiction. The book is illustrated with metalpoint drawings I created with metal from the river shore; scans of records collected in my personal archive; photographs made in collaboration with Nicholas Faris, where excavated matter from the shoreline was used to develop textures onto 35 mm film. The book comes with a stylus shaped from metal found at the river shore and wooden panels layered with gesso. Translucent Japanese paper marks the borders between chapters; the recycled paper which makes up the body of the book is produced with water which is returned to the river. The cover is printed with dust.

Limited Edition of 6 copies

Part memoir, part fiction.

Printed and bound at the Royal College of Art with support from:

Ian Gabb - Letterpress
Francesco Corsini, Kristian Berge - Risograph
Sharon Lee - Bookbinding.

Slipcase: ash wood
Cover: metal dust on Saint Armand - Old Master - Gaspe
End paper: ash wood veneer; metalpoint on Fabriano paper
Chapter interleaving: risograph & metalpoint on Maruishi paper
Body: risograph on Neenah Environment

Text and design by Kinga Oktabska
Edited by Niall Walker
Slipcase made by Sebastian Wesolowski

Includes bibliographical references.

© Kinga Oktabska 2023