Kinga Oktabska (b. 1995) is a visual artist from Wroclaw, Poland. 

She graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2022, completed a Design for Set & Screen degree at UAL, receiving a Theatre Design Prize at Wimbledon College of Art in 2018 and was awarded a Global Design Diploma at IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny in 2015.

Her work explores transformations of urban landscapes against the background of social, cultural, political and economic change. She interprets space as palimpsest: a composition of layers of time engraved in matter. Her artistic practice, embedded in the experience of space, aims to reconstruct the narrative of a place written in physical traces and signs that have been erased, imagined or that are invisible to the eye. She is interested in applying process-based work as a research methodology to tell stories of change, observing temporality, permanence and cyclicality in landscapes. 


instagram: @kingaoktabska

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